Overview of program

We vet students for academic excellence, then run them through an 8-week training program where they acquire a more entrepreneurial mindset. Before initial placement, each student signs a waiver and a NDA with us and the employer prior to placement. During a placement, we carefully monitor the student and log all activities, so that the student remains on track with respect to all his/her job responsibilities.

The time commitment we are asking from employers:

  • 6 months per placement
  • 2 hours a week at the office
  • 1-2 hours a week of oversight on educational/research projects the student pursues on his/her own

Some of the fine print

  • Students must be 14 years of age.
  • Students that make the cut are tested for personality types and aptitudes using Myers-Briggs, and they also do some career testing using Sokanu.

Past success

Sean Tan

Current grade 12 student

Placed last year with Tangoo for 6 months, and is now a Lifeschool hire: check out his job experience here! 

Paul Guo

Current grade 12 student

Interested in engineering, placed in a job shadowing and mentoring experience at Illusense – read about his experience here!

The 8-week course:

Week 1: Introduction to entrepreneurship

Week 2: Mindset, Life Balance, Time Management, and Taking Control

Week 3: Indoctrination: The Startup World

Week 4: Personal Branding

Week 5: Interview Skills, Tenacity, and Researching Your Companies

Week 6: Self-learning and Research

Week 7: How a company business model works

Week 8: Review and Test

After a successful interview, a student and his/her parents sign a waiver and a NDA prior to placement; the placement is for a 6-month trial period with a 2-4 hour commitment of face time at the company’s office(s) with a mentor(s).

Mentor expectations:

  • to treat the student with respect
  • to decide with the student (and in consultation with us) what the student will do during his/her placement
  • to set up a weekly work schedule including take home work, including deadlines and performance markers etc.
  • to teach hard and soft skills related to the company’s business
  • to invite the student to company/industry events
  • to report to us regularly on the student’s performance

Student expectations:

  • to be energetic, reliable, punctual, and respectful to all mentors/employees
  • to be available at least 2-4 hours weekly, based on a frequency agreed upon with mentor
  • to dress appropriately when meeting anyone associated with placement
  • to work HARD to meet work/project commitments
  • to regularly meet or communicate with mentor in-person at the office, off site or via email or phone
  • to submit a weekly report on your progress via email to Lifeschool and mentor