The Lifeschool Program

Phase 1 – Workplace Training:

Lifeschool trains students in an 8-week program to make sure that they have the business fundamentals and interpersonal skills needed for today’s startup and traditional job markets. We have developed a rigorous yet efficient curriculum complemented with challenging assignments and activities that best prepare them for becoming an asset in today’s work environment.


Phase 2 – Workplace Internships:

After successfully completing the training portion, based on the student’s interests and needs, we will drop them into a specially catered job internship where they will gain valuable work experience and knowledge from some of Vancouver’s most innovative startups.

Both phases will be supplemented with regular check-ups, mentoring, and progress reports to ensure that our students are on track and performing superbly!


1. Assess

The first stage is to assess the student’s suitability for the program as well as the job he/she desires

  • Does he/she have the necessary academic qualifications?
  • Does he/she have the proper work and interpersonal skills?
  • Does he/she have the DESIRE?
2. Train

The second stage is to train and prepare the student for shadowing

  • We teach the start-up ecosystems in BC and abroad.
  • We teach the business fundamentals of the student’s chosen field(s).
  • We teach the software the student is most likely going to need.
  • We teach the interpersonal skills and attitude the student needs to succeed.

The 8-Week Course

Week 1: Introduction to entrepreneurship

Week 2: Mindset, Life Balance, Time Management, and Taking Control

Week 3: Indoctrination: The Startup World

Week 4: Personal Branding

Week 5: Interview Skills, Tenacity, and Researching Your Companies

Week 6: Self-learning and Research

Week 7: Communication and Conflict Resolution

Week 8: Review and Test

3. Interview

The third stage is to interview with selected mentors

  • We select the start-ups that interest the student.
  • We perfect the student’s resume.
  • We coach the student for the interviews.
  • We debrief the student after the interviews so he/she learns how to improve.
4. Mentor

The fourth stage is placement and monitoring

  • After the student is placed with a mentor/start-up, we set up a weekly/monthly protocol that the mentor and student follow.
  • We help log all activities during the placement to record/document the student’s progress.