What is it?

A “Job Placement” is a paid part-time position that your child will attend weekly to get real world experience at some of Vancouver’s most exciting companies. Upon successful completion of our 8-week course, we match your child up with a real company in Vancouver that is selected based on his or her professional aspirations. During this time we will continue mentoring them, and receiving evaluations from the employer. If your child’s job placement goes well, we can then put them in a new job placement after 3-6 months.

Why Does My Kid Need It?

Real world work experience is an increasingly important employer requirement in a student’s education before they are ready to be hired. With competition being as fierce as ever in the labour market, complementing high grades with practical work experience is a key competitive advantage.

As part of our 4 step program the student will learn key skills needed to succeed in today’s startup and business world.

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Five Advantages Of A Job Placement

1. Extremely fun and fulfilling:

The work is challenging, meaningful, and related to his/her interest


2. Learn skills not taught in class:

Learn important skills such as business fundamentals and interpersonal strategies


3. Network with professionals:

Get connected with business leaders and entrepreneurial trailblazers in Vancouver!

4. Get references that both universities and companies value:

Students with quality work experience combined with good grades are highly sought after


5. Gain time management skills and maturity:

Students learn that in the real world, there are no excuses for failure